Tennis shoes

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Tennis shoes for all

A good tennis shoe is essential, as good mobility and movement makes you well placed to win a tennis match. The range on the market is huge. The brand manufacturers improve their sportshoes each year, improving flexibility, looks, comfort, stability and other important properties that reduce the risk of injury. The details in our production description give you all the help you need to make the right choice.


Footgear should be purchased in the correct size and so adapt ergonomically to the foot. If they don't meet this requirement are not suitable because they can not provide stability. Another important factor is the impact absorption properties. Is these are not sufficient; it can lead to joint problems. The heavier you are, the more cushioning of the foot the shoe should offer . Special insoles can help improve the damping effect. Tennisshoes are in most cases made of leather and are made from a blend of leather and imitation leather, in order to improve the above mentioned mobility and promote breathability.


Another selection criterion is the sole. There are differences in the nature and pattern of the sole. For each playing surface, there is appropriately developed footwear: for sand, grass, artificial grass and hard courts as well as for carpet, to provide ideal traction. Of course, the footgear should be multifunctional. On shale and clay courts the respective choice provide optimal traction and prevent slipping, making a controlled slide possible. The properties of the hard-court tennis shoe's are a very distinctive profile sole with a non-marking rubber sole, which prevents discoloration. The rubber sole is also used in the shoe for artificial grass, but the sole is fitted in this case with a less severe profile. There are also special ranges for carpet.

Ladies and Men's

There are differences between mens and womens range. Women's shoes are usually a bit narrower in appearance and constructed of finer material than the mens range. The look is often far more feminine in design; the men's paterns are visually rustic. The key technology and properties of the two types are usually similar although visually they are very different.


In the tennissport, use of almost the entire body is required. Tennis shoes should therefore be carefully selected. An ideal example is easy on the joints and gives very good grip to prevent injuries. The dampening system is often made of synthetic leather and is in the front and heel of the foot. All major brands like Nike, Asics, Adidas, K.Swiss and Babolat offer this dampening.