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Find your next pair of tennis shoes from the large assortment available at TennisPlanet. We offer tennis shoes that are suitable for various types of courts as well as the best brands including Babolat, K Swiss, Head and much more! Need help narrowing down the options? Try out our sorting tool that can be found on the left side of the page. Enjoy the many advantages of shopping at TennisPlanet!

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1 - 80 from 264

Tennis Shoes UK

A good tennis shoe is essential for superior mobility and movement, and the choice can be overwhelming. Brand manufacturers improve their sports shoes each year in ways such as increasing flexibility, looks, comfort, stability, and other important properties that reduce the risk of injury. The details in our product description give you all the help you need to make the right choice, but here is some information about what kinds of shoes you can find at TennisPlanet:

Shoes for everyone

With the extensive range of brilliant tennis shoes available here at TennisPlanet, you're sure to find the perfect pair for you, no matter your gender, age, court preference, and individual feet requirements! Make sure you have a look at our specific collections of tennis shoes for men, women, and children.

Shoes for all surfaces

The type of surface that you will be playing tennis on is an important consideration when buying tennis shoes. There are specific designs of tennis shoes that provide ideal traction intended for each type of playing surface. Having the right tennis shoe for your court can help to improve your performance

- Do you often think of different backgrounds in a year? Then an Omni sneaker is right for you. These tennis shoes can be used on all different surfaces.
- Do you play a lot on artificial turf? On artificial turf, you can play well with the Omni tennis shoe, but you can look for tennis shoes with soles that provide extra grip on the artificial court.
- Is a clay court your preference? Then look at clay and clay court shoes with the fishbone pattern on the sole for extra support. When buying a clay court tennis shoe, keep in mind stability, but remember that some flexibility is necessary to prevent injuries.
- Do you mostly play indoors? Then look at our range of shoes designed for carpet and go for a smooth sole. However, if you only play tennis indoors occasionally, then an Omnicourt shoe would be a better choice.
- Do you prefer to play on hard courts? Then go for a shoe with a lot of stability, damping, and resilience. The perfect sole for these courts would have a herring-bone profile, a cleated profile, or a combination of the pair.

Shoes from the best brands

Here at TennisPlanet we offer a broad range of tennis shoes from a fantastic set of top notch brands. Tennis is a very demanding sport when it comes to physical exertion, and we believe that you should take care of your feet by selecting shoes from brands that can guarantee high quality and optimal support. In our assortment you will find Adidas tennis shoes, New Balance tennis shoes, Asics tennis shoes, Babolat tennis shoes, K-Swiss tennis shoes, Wilson tennis shoes, and more. Have a look at the product desciptions for more detailed explanations to see what these shoes can do for you!

For more guidance on which tennis shoes are best for you, take a look at our tennis shoe advice page about the different types of shoes on offer to you.