Type of Tennis Bags

Tennis bag types

Tennis Racket Bags

These bags are specifically designed to carry several rackets and often have space for other accessories and items of gear as well, such as shoe compartments or clothes pockets.

Tennis Backpacks

Backpacks are perfect if you are looking to only take some clothes and smaller accessories with you. Although, these bags also often offer space for you to take one tennis racket with you.

Sport Bags

If you're looking for a holdall or duffel bag style sports bag, then these are the tennis bags for you. With lots of compartment and flexible storage, you can take everything you could need.

How many rackets?

3 Racket Bags

This group of racket bags offers space for up to 3 rackets and often includes one or more pockets for accessories. This bag is perfect if you do not need to take many other items with you.

6 Racket Bags

We also offer a collection of bags that can carry up to 6 rackets at a time. These bags tend to also offer more space in terms of if you need to bring clothing, bottles, or other accessories with you.

9 Racket Bags

If you need to possibly carry up to 9 rackets at a time, then this collection is for you. Ample space for rackets, as well as larger main compartments for all your other equipment, even shoe compartments.

12 Racket Bags

As a coach or trainer, you might need to transport a lot of rackets at once. The bags in this range will allow you to carry up to 12 rackets at a time, as well as having other compartments for clothing, shoes, water bottles, and other important items you might need.

15 Racket Bags

The largest collection of tennis bags in our assortment is our range of tennis bags that can carry up to 15 rackets at once. Alongside this huge amount of space, you will also find many compartments for storing other important items that you could need to take with you.

Still not sure?

If you still aren't quite sure which type of tennis bag is most suitable for your needs, then be sure to have a look at our advice page, which will help you decide which of the many tennis bags we have on offer is the best tennis bag for you.