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Falke is a German brand that delivers excellent and high quality products in the field of stockings, socks and fashion. This company was founded in 1868 by Franz Falke Rohen and continues to create innovative products to this day. Falke stands for comfort, the finest materials, the best fit, and producing products by utilising the latest technological developments. Falke has also committed to provide stylish, high-quality products for the modern man. View the full range of Falke products on the page below.

Falke Socks

The popular brand Falke was founded in Germany in 1868 and is a very fine brand that is not only stylish but develops products that provide optimal comfort. Falke offers a wide range of items in the field of stockings, socks and fashion. Think of hiking socks, knee socks or tights. On the left side of the website you can narrow down the assortment of products to find exactly what you want! If you have any questions please contact our Customer Service.