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Tennis Planet offers a wide range of tennis rackets. Our collection consists of several quality brands including Head, Babolat, and Wilson. These brands and many more ensure you have the best possible tennis experience. As you will notice, some of these rackets come unstrung but not to worry, TennisPlanet sells high quality strings, and offers a professional stringing service before delivery. Visit our Stringing Page to view our large assortment. Not sure which racket suits you? Then please refer to our Advice Page. There you will find a detailed explanation that will assist you in making a good choice.

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1 - 80 from 313

Tennis Rackets UK: Choosing the right model for you

Tennis rackets are available in many types and sizes. To find out which racket is best for you, there are a number of aspects to consider:

Type of swing

First of all, your type of tennis swing is important. Your swing determines how agile your tennis racket should be to optimally support your wrist and arm.

The head size

In addition, the head size of the tennis racket is important. The larger the head size, the more power the racket can generate. Alternatively, a smaller head size makes for improved ball control.

The frame length

Furthermore, the frame length is vital. The standard length of most tennis rackets is around 68.5 to 69 cm. A tennis racket that is longer is called a longbody or stretch tennis racket. The advantage of a longbody is a greater range and also an increase in power.

The profile height

Profile height also shouldn't be forgotten. The profile height indicates the tennis racket thickness. The thicker the racket, the more powerful it is. When the thickness decreases, however, the ball control increases.

The weight

The weight of the racket also provides information about the power it can generate. Thus, a heavier racket is able to generate more power than a lighter racket.

The balance point

Finally, perhaps the most crucial factor: the balance point. The balance of a tennis racket relates to where weight is distributed along the racket. This is very useful information because it determines the playing characteristics of the racket. An Even Balanced tennis racket (where the weight is proportionally distributed over the racket) gives an average amount of power and a lot of control. Topweight tennis rackets (where the balance point is at the top of the racket) offer even more impact, where Handle Weight tennis rackets (where the balance point is more towards the racket handle) provide more ball control.

Our range offers tennis rackets for different types of players, whether you play at recreational or competitive levels. At TennisPlanet, you're sure to find the perfect racket for you!