Tennis Rackets

Tennis Planet offers a wide range of tennis rackets. Our collection consists of several quality brands including Head,Babolat, and Technifibre. These brands and many more ensure you have the best possible tennis experience. As you will notice, some of these rackets come unstrung but not to worry, TennisPlanet sells high quality strings. Visit our Stringing Page to view our large assortment. Not sure which racket suits you? Then please refer to our Advice Page. There you will find a detailed explanation that will assist you in making a good choice.

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1 - 80 from 279

The Best Tennis Racket for You

TennisPlanet offers tennis rackets of various sizes, colours, shapes and properties from top quality brands. The different tennis racket brands offer the latest technology and quality features, which are needed by any tennis player. The "best" tennis racket may not be the best for you, because this assessment is subjective and is different for every tennis player. Each player has individual requirements, and finding the right tennis racket is not an easy task. This is why we have listed the various tennis racket properties to determine the best tennis racket for you!

Head Size

The tennis racket head size dictates the surface area of the tennis strings. This is given in square centimetres or square inches. One square inch equals around 6.45 cm². The larger the head size, the more power it can generate, but you will have slightly less control over the racket. Professionals normally choose a smaller head size in order to have a higher level of control over the tennis ball. For beginners a tennis racket with a larger head size is recommended for easy playability.

Frame Thickness

This may also be described as the height of the tennis racket frame and is given in mm. The thickness of the frame affects the power. A thinner tennis racket frame has less power, but greater control. They are also usually heaver, which helps control the racket but reduces the power. Meanwhile, a thicker tennis racket frame is more light in weight, has less control but more power.


Today's tennis rackets are mostly composed of a carbon-fibre, reinforced plastic or fibreglass with various materials such as titanium, ceramic or aramid fibres added for refinement. This combination of materials is used to influence the sturdyness of the rackets. They is a huge improvement over the previously used tennis rackets that were made of wood, which are now almost only found as collectables.

Tennis Rackets for Kids

Even little tennis players should be equipped with the right tennis racket in order to achieve the best possible training results. If the racket is too large, this can result in children having poor posture or improper technique. This can be prevented with the right racket that can be found in our junior tennis racket section. We have the most appropriate tennis rackets for your child!

Further Advice

Good tennis racket advice can save you time and money because your questions can be answered directly and a good recommendation can be given. We can advise you on the choice of adult tennis rackets and tennis rackets for children.