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Wilson Tennis Balls

Wilson is one of the most favourite brands in tennis in the UK, which is why we have included some of their best tennis ball models in our assortment. Wilson tennis balls are available in several different designs so that there is the perfect tennis ball for every level of play, be it training or competition. The high standards to which Wilson tennis balls are made mean that you won't be disappointed with any of the brilliant options in the range below.

Wilson Balls

Wilson has produced several very popular collections of tennis balls, namely the Wilson US Open tennis balls, Wilson Australian Open tennis balls, and the Wilson Tour tennis balls. These tennis balls are all ITF approved, which means they are perfect for competition matches and tournaments. What's more, these balls are available in tubes of 3 or 4, or you can buy the tennis balls in bulk in one of our box options. Perfect for either personal use or for tennis clubs!

Wilson tennis balls come in a wide range of designs, so there is the perfect Wilson ball for all levels of play. In our assortment you'll find Wilson pressurised tennis balls for matches, Wilson pressureless tennis balls for training, and even Stage 1, 2, and 3 tennis balls for training the junior tennis enthusiasts among us.