Correct String Tension

Tension of a tennis racket

The tension of a racket
The tension of a frame is the number of kilograms which are being placed on the string. Stringing and power are reversibly related, just like power and control. The more tension in the tennis racket restringing, the less power, the more control. The table on the right clarifies this.

To get more power out of the same tennis fibre, you have to string it with less tension (this causes the so called trampoline effect). This also means that your control will diminish. A tennis string with a higher elasticity, has more power. A frame has to be strung at the number of kilograms that is indicated by the manufacturer. This number can usually be found on the inside of the racket.

Recommended tension
Do you not know which tension suits you best? Then string your frame in the middle of the recommended stringing range. If for example this is 22 - 28 kg, then choose 25 kg.













Which tension is best to choose?

After testing your racket with this tension, there are three scenarios:

1. You have sufficient control and power. In other words, the tension is just fine!
2. You do not have enough control: raise the number of kilograms by 1 kg.
3. You do not have enough power: lower the number of kilograms by 1 kg. By lowering the tension, you will create a kind of trampoline effect, which means more power can be generated, but keep in mind you will have less control!

The more kilograms that is put on a tennis string, the less elastic the tennis strings will become. Consequence: less playing feeling and less power and vice versa. A lower tension tennis racket restringing generates more power and feeling, but less control.

More power?
Do you want more power, without changing your tennis string? Lower the tension in steps of 1 or 2 kg every time and see if the result gets better (or not).

More control?
Do you want more control, without changing your tennis string? Are you unable to keep the tennis balls in the court ? Raise the tension by 1 or 2 kilograms. You will probably loose some 'depth', but you will gain more control. If it is possible, you can also lower the thickness of your tennis string.

More comfort?
Do you want more comfort? Change your string to gut or multifilament.

Are you a stringer?

Ask your customer if the tennis string provided gave the desired playing comfort. Were they satisfied with the power they could use in their game? Try to avoid 'same tennis string & same tension'. How happy was he or she with the feeling, spin and lifespan? With these questions, you can improve your clients performance. By giving the appropriate advice to your customers, they can improve their playing pleasure and you will be their stringer for life!

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