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Padel Shoes

Good shoes are very important when playing padel; just as important as the racket with which you play. Good padel shoes that fit firmly and offer comfort while playing can prevent injuries. Padel shoes must be comfortable, provide a lot of grip, and provide support. This is very important, because when playing padel you are moving, sliding, and turning a lot, so it is important that the shoes you wear can follow these movements flawlessly.

Shoes for Padel

Padel shoes must be comfortable and offer a lot of freedom of movement. Here at Tennisplanet we offer a wide range of padel shoes that improve your padel sports experience. Padel shoes are made for different surfaces. Padel is mainly played on artificial grass, but sometimes also on concrete or clay. The pattern on the outsole ensures that you do not slip while playing; the deeper this pattern, the more grip you have.