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Padel Racket

Tennisplanet offers a wide range of padel rackets. The padel rackets differ in shape, weight, and material for whether you are a beginner or advanced player. As a starting player, it is better to choose a light padel racket in a rounder shape. If you are an advanced player, it is better to choose a diamond or teardrop shaped padel racket that is slightly heavier. Our collection consists of various top brands, so you are assured of an optimal padel experience.

Padel Rackets

Every type of player needs a different type of padel racket to achieve the maximum result. Padel rackets are offered for every type of player here at Tennisplanet. Sometimes it seems difficult to make a choice which type of padel racket suits you best. This is made a lot easier for you when you know what features to look out for. To find out which padel racket suits you best, a number of aspects are important:

Which padel racket is best for me?

Which padel racket is best for you depends on a number of different factors. For example, are you a beginner or an advanced player? If you are still a starting player, it is best to go for a padel racket with a round shape and a lower weight. These kind of padel rackets are the easiest to use. Light rackets move smoothly, resulting in a fast reaction time. The sweet spot, which ensures maximum response during a hit or punch, is in the middle of these padel rackets and is relatively large. If you are already an advanced player, you can opt for a heavier padel racket in diamond or teardrop shape. With these rackets, the sweet spot is higher, so you can hit the ball harder. The heavier weight also provides the opportunity to give more power to a blow or thrust.