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Court Maintenance

A tennis court needs proper maintenance and there are various items needed in order to keep a court in top condition. These items can include trawls, sweepers and a helping hand. The products on Tennisplanet are high quality therefore they are useful for a long period of time. TennisPlanet has a wide range of items in terms of job maintenance that you can view below at your convenience.

Tennis Court Maintenance

In this category, you will find everything you need to make the perfect tennis court. In our various categories you will find everything from tennis court equipment, maintenance, court accessories, posts, nets, and club tournament prizes. To ensure you purchase the right tennis equipment for on and around the tennis court you can look in the following sections.

Keeping your tennis courts in top condition does not need to be expensive for a tennis club. At TennisPlanet there is a large selection of quality accessories to maintain your tennis court at an optimal price. For tennis court renovation, we have all the necessary equipment that is required. Additionally, you will also find a wide range of tennis nets and net posts. For tennis court maintenance, we have a large assortment of drag nets, line brooms, watering accessories, and other tennis accessories such as scoreboards, shoe cleaners, and court benches. For the fences we offer tennis windbreaks to shield the court from wind.