Why string yourself?

What kind of racket fits me?

Make your tennis racket work for you

When you string a tennis racket you can choose the type of strings, string thickness and tension you want. Having your own machine allows you to find the configuration that best suits your game. Experiment with different tension settings - if it doesn't feel right, simply take the strings off and try again. A properly strung tennis racket can really make all the difference in the racket's power and control.

If you buy a TYGER stringing apparatus from TennisPlanet UK it is permanently available whenever you need it. Without your own engine you will often find yourself tied to the tennis racket restringing schedule of your stringer. Never miss an important match or practice session again by buying a tennis stringing machine that is ready to use.

The stringing of a tennis racket

Save money

When you buy a tennis racket apparatus you no longer have to pay money every time you want your racket restrung. Make a one off payment to purchase the stringing machine and you'll never have to pay needless, additional fees for tennis racket restringing again. If you are a regular tennis player this machine will soon pay for itself with the money you save and with a 5 year warranty Tyger machines hold their resale value like no other brand.

Earn money

As well as saving yourself money, it is also possible to earn some extra cash. Once you become more confident with restringing tennis rackets, you could offer your stringing services to other members at the tennis club for a small fee, or even consider setting up your own stringing business. TennisPlanet UK has a selection of higher end stringing mechanisms ideal for stringers.

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