TYGER Overgrips

TYGER knows the importance of a good grip. At a competitive price to performance ratio, TYGER offers them in different quantities and sizes. If you currently have overgrip on top of your basic grip, then it can be easily replaced with a TYGER overgrip. Below is our entire range of TYGER grips.

TYGER Tennis Overgrips

The right tennis overgrip is very important. A tennis racket always has a main or base grip, which is located on the handle. This grip is extremely important since it dampens vibrations. Overgips are also just as important and come in various types. Synthetic Grips from TYGER are cheaper, but they do not give you the same feedback as a basic leather tennis grip.

Tennis overgrips from any brand are supposed to be replaced more often. They are wrapped around the main or base grip and are supposed to save money. They are cheaper and are more often replaced because over time as every tennis overgrip loses its ability grip. To always replace a main tennis grip would not be economical therefore one just replaces the overgrip. These tennis overgrips from TYGER are available in different varieties and with different properties. Depending on whether you desire a particularly sticky, or thin overgrip, TennisPlanet has the widest selection of tennis overgrips from TYGER.