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Prince Tennis Rackets

Tennisplanet offers the latest collections from the brand Prince. Prince originally started producing only ball machines, but they really put their name on the map with their collection of tennis rackets. These Prince tennis rackets utilise the latest technologies and have a modern look. Need some help choosing a racket? Do not hesitate to visit our advice page to find out which Prince tennis racket is the best tennis racket for you.

Prince Tennis Racket

Prince rackets are available in two series; the Prince Warrior tennis racket and the Prince Tour tennis racket. These rackets all have slightly larger head sizes, so as to help you put more power behind each shot. The rackets are also quite lightweight, making them a good choice for intermediate players. Get the best out of your performance with a tennis racket from Prince.

To make sure that you can get the best out of your performance on the tennis court, you need to have the right racket for your skill-set and ability level. If you're looking for more control over your shots, then you need a Prince tennis racket with a smaller head size, has a balance point nearer the handle, and that is a little heavier. If you want to put more power in your shots, then its perhaps better to go for a slightly larger head size, balance point nearer the head, and that is slightly lighter.