Below is a selection of tennis rackets especially designed for beginner players. These rackets are characterised by their relatively light weight and smooth grip. This allows you to develop a good feeling for the ball, so that you can quickly progress. Not sure which aspects to look at when choosing a tennis racket? Then don't hesitate to look at our Advice Page.

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1 - 80 from 153

Which tennis racket is best for you?

Tennis rackets come in many shapes and sizes. To find out which racket is best for you, there are some aspects to look for.

The Balance Point

The balance point of the tennis racket is perhaps the most crucial factor. The balance point of a tennis racket is the point where the tennis racket is in equilibrium. A tennis racket with an evenly distributed weight is the most common choice among tennis players.

Frame Length

Your swing dictates how agile your tennis racket should be, to offer maximum support. That's why the length of the frame is very important.

Profile Height

The profile height means the thickness of the frame. In general, the thicker the frame, the lighter the tennis racket is. This is due to the stiffness of the racket. A lighter racket significantly increases power.


The weight of a tennis racket determines the control you have during a tennis stroke. A heavier tennis racket gives you more control over a lighter racket. A light weight tennis racket however is easier to play with and is great for beginners!

Head Size

The head size is also important as the larger the head size, the easier you will hit the ball. A tennis racket with a smaller head size provides more precision over the direction of your shots, so you can control the ball better.