Stage 3 Tennis

Stage 3 tennis balls and tennis court

Characteristics of the Tennis Ball
The Stage 3 tennis ball is specifically designed for tennis coaches to give lessons to children who are in Stage 3. This stage can also be referred to as red tennis. A Stage 3 tennis ball is made of sponge and/or foam and has a red colour. This type of tennis ball has a high bounce, this allows children to simply hit the ball over the net. These balls are suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. Stage 3 tennis balls are suitable for children aged up to about 9 years old.

Features of the Tennis Court
The singles tennis court for Stage 3 tennis or red tennis is approximately 5.5 metres wide and 11.0 metres long. For doubles, the full width of a regular court is used. The tennis net hangs (small differences are permitted) in the middle at a height of 0.80 metres.

Stage 3 tennis rackets

Characteristics of the racket
Stage 3 tennis rackets are suitable for toddlers. These rackets have a short grip, but are still long enough for two-handed strokes. Stage 3 tennis rackets are usually made of lightweight aluminium, so rackets can withstand a beating. The rackets also have a large leaf, which makes it easier to hit the balls in the right place.

Stage 3 products: