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Yonex Overgrips

Yonex is a Japanese brand that has grown considerably in the tennis world. This brand offers numerous overgrips to make your playing experience as comfortable as possible and allow you to easily place the overgrip on the basic grip. A good overgrip provides a moisture wicking effect and increases the fun of playing tennis. Yonex products are high quality and guarantee optimal playing comfort. Please take a look at our range on the page below.

Overgrips from Yonex

Yonex focuses on improving comfort and the cushioning of your tennis racket. With a new grip on your racket you are sure to play a lot better because it prevents unnecessary turns from your racket in your hand. It is advised that you replace the overgrip on a regular basis for maximum playing comfort. These overgrips are available in many sizes, shapes and packaging. Overgrips are not expensive, and are ideal for active tennis players. Furthermore, it is easy and fast to replace an overgrip.