TennisPlanet offers strings from all the major brands such as Technifibre, Wilson, Tyger, and much more. We also have a variety of machines and accessories for a professional or an at home tennis stringer. Are you unsure what type of strings to purchase? Visit our Advice Page for more information.

1 - 80 from 325


1 - 80 from 325


The advantages of stringing yourself are endless including: reduced costs, time-saving, and the potential for additional income. Everyone knows tennis players who need tennis racket stringing, because their tennis strings have broken, or because of tension loss in the strings.

Why do you need a stringing machine?

Many people get their tennis rackets re-strung in a sports shop or by a colleague or friend who has invested in a stringing machine. If you do not own your own stringing machine, you would expect to pay around £20 plus transport costs as well as having to wait at least 3 or 4 days. These costs can be reduced instantly when you buy your own stringing machine. It is an extremely simple proces that a young child can easily learn to string a tennis racket. By watching our informational videos anyone can learn how to run a tennis stringing machine!

Cost savings with your own stringing machine

One of the main reasons for buying your own stringing machine are the cost savings. The following costs savings can be diminished: the tennis string, labour charge and the transportation costs to and from the stringer . Without your own stringing machine you will pay around £25 to restring your tennis racket, this money could be better spent elsewhere.

Save time by stringing

If you take your tennis rackets to a stringer this takes time and money to transport them. In addition to this, it must be done when it is convenient for the stringer-not you!. If you have your own stringing machine, you can string whenever you like. Experienced stringers with their own stringing machine take only 20 minutes while the average stringer needs only 30 minutes to restring a tennis racket. Once completed, this racket is immediately available and you don't have to travel to pick it up.

Extra income through stringing

The most convincing reason of all is the possibility of generating additional income. By offering a stringing service that your friends and colleagues need, you can generate a profit quickly and easily.

Stringing with the ideal string

In our string assortment you will find high quality and competitively priced options. The brands within our string assortment possess a superb price/performance ratio and are recognised as some of the top brands throughout the world.

Stringing requirements

We have developed a tool so you can easily find the correct stringing pattern of a tennis racket. Here you can select your tennis racket and the tool will recommend appropriate stringing patterns for your individual frames.