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Padel Balls

There are different types of padel balls. The padel ball resembles a tennis ball, but is smaller and lighter. The padel ball has a lower pressure than a tennis ball, making the ball less explosive in all directions. Here at Tennisplanet you will find a selection of padel balls for every type of player from brands such as Head, Babolat, and Wilson. Every padel ball is different, for example there are padel balls with or without pressure and made using different materials. Which padel ball you need depends on your playing level.

Padel Ball

When you play padel, you need a good padel ball. The choice of which padel ball you can best use depends on whether you are a novice or advanced player. If you are a starting player, it is best to choose a pressure-less ball. This ball bounces less hard, so it can be played more slowly. If you play more often or are an advanced player, it is best to choose a ball with pressure. A ball with pressure makes for a more lively game. There are also balls for intensive use, which are for players who want extra speed while playing padel.