Babolat Tennis Strings

As the inventor of natural gut tennis strings, Babolat continues to produce innovative products. They offer a diverse selection of tennis strings that can meet the needs of every type and skill level of player. View the collection of Babolat tennis strings from TennisPlanet on the page below.

Babolat Strings

The French brand has grown more and more especially in the recent years thanks to the top players like Rafa Nadal who is associated with Babolat. This brand makes products that are high quality and no longer focuses solely on tennis rackets. The wide range of Babolat tennis strings is very popular with players. On the ATP and WTA Tour pros use the natural gut strings from the VS series. There is probably no string better than the VS Natural Gut touch. We recommend that you try Babolat natural gut tennis strings at least once.

Loving Babolat Tennis Strings

Babolat not only makes natural gut tennis strings, there is also various high quality polyester tennis strings. The Xcel Power, Xcel or the Addiction are a good choice for a mix of power and comfort. If you are looking for a Babolat tennis string with excellent control and durability, we recommend trying a model like the Hurricane, the Pro Hurricane, RPM Blast, or the Duralast. If you opt for a Babolat tennis string, you will receive a high quality and durable tennis string.