All Dunlop Products

Dunlop Sport is a brand that was founded in America in 1909. It is the successor of Dunlop Tyres and is fully focused on equipment for fanatic athletes. Dunlop has specialised particularly in tennis equipment and offers everything in the field of tennis balls, tennis rackets, and tennis strings. Thanks to years of experience, Dunlop is one of the biggest players in the tennis market. Many top athletes already use this quality brand, are you the next? View the full range here!

Dunlop Tennis Rackets

Dunlop has a very wide range of high quality tennis rackets. The quality brand makes use of materials such as aluminium and graphite for optimum comfort and long lifespan. There is also a choice of grip sizes L0, L1, L2, L3, L4, and you can determine the balance point yourself. Whether you are a recreational, competitive, or tour tennis player, at Dunlop you will always find the racket that best suits you. In short, what are you waiting for?! View the full range of tennis rackets here.

Dunlop Tennis Balls

A good tennis ball is of course crucial for a tennis match. But what kind of ball do you exactly need? Dunlop offers a wide range of tennis balls for competitions, training sessions, and beginners. The difference is in the hardness and size of the tennis balls. Dunlop is a forerunner in the field of tennis, so you will be sure to see Dunlop tennis balls all over the scene. Dunlop tennis balls are frequently used as the official ball for certain tournaments and competitions. View the range here and discover which ball is best for you.

Dunlop Tennis Bags

Every tennis player of course wants to protect their racket, as it is the key to winning a match. Research has shown that rackets break the fastest by constantly transporting them. Fortunately, here's a handy solution in the tennis world; the tennis bag. Dunlop offers a large collection of bags for every type of racket. Do you have multiple rackets? No problem! Dunlop has bags that can carry up to 12 rackets. The bags are made using the best materials, such as nylon and polyester. Your racket will therefore remain perfectly protected in all circumstances.

Dunlop Tennis Grips

A tennis grip is ideal for the fanatical tennis player. A grip provides a better grip on your racket and a better location in the hand. Are you an aggressive player? With a good base grip on your racket, you can keep going for longer. Dunlop distinguishes between basic grip and over grip, so you can choose which one works best for you. Dunlop racket grips are made using PU, which lasts for a long time and absorbs moisture. They are easy to install on your racket and you will be back on court in no time. Which tennis player wouldn't want the most comfortable grip possible?

Dunlop Tennis Strings

Whether you are an experienced tennis player, recreational player, or perhaps even a player who suffers from joint complains, it is important to make sure that you have the right strings on your racket. Dunlop has years of experience in this area and has therefore created a wide range of strings. The quality brand offers 4 different types, namely: comfort, control, durable, and power. These strings are made predominantly using nylon or polyester, are all top quality, and offer something for every type of player. View the complete Dunlop string range here.