Dunlop has an extensive history in the tennis world dating back to the 1900's. This past success continues today as they are still highly valued for their elite tennis bags, rackets, and other products. TennisPlanet offers a large variety from this brand, view the range on the page below.
Founded in 1909, Dunlop Sport is famous for its world championship level tennis, golf and squash equipment. In 1936, there were more Dunlop tennis rackets at Wimbledon than any other brand and more than 60% of all players at the Wimbledon Championships used this brands rackets during the 1960's. The first injection moulded racket was made by Dunlop in 1980, which consequently won the Queen's award for technological achievement in 1985. In recent years, Dunlop has grown dramatically as more of the world's best players continue to rely on Dunlop to help them reach the top of their game. Famous ambassadors include John McEnroe, Fernando Verdasco, Dominika Cibulkova and many more.