Tennis Grip Size

The Grip Size

Choosing the correct grip size means finding out the circumference or thickness of the tennis racket. The circumference of the handle of a tennis racket can be given in inches or mm, which then corresponds to a certain grip size. There is sometimes confusion around the concept of a racket's grip size. This is because of the use of different size measurements in Europe than in the US. In Europe, the grip sizes 0-5 are used and in USA, one uses grip sizes of 4 - 4 5/8 inch. Choose from our wide assortment of tennis grips and overgrips. The table below shows the corresponding grip sizes:

Where to find?

The grip size is usually mentioned at the bottom of the tennis racket.
If an overgrip is placed over the replacement grip of the tennis racket, then the grip size will be thicker and the original grip size will not count.

Determining the Grip Size

'Measuring your ideal grip size'

The most accurate method for determining your  correct grip size of a tennis racket is to measure the length between the tip of the ring finger (on your hitting hand) and the second line on your palm. The picture next to you shows how to do this best. The measured length in mm corresponds to the perimeter of the tennis racket. On each perimeter, the ideal grip size is then assigned. These can be found in the overview below. For example, if the distance between the ring finger and the 2nd line on your palm is 104 mm then you would choose a racket with gripping size 1. If the length 115 mm, then you would choose a tennis racket with grip size 5.

If there is any doubt about your grip size,  it is better to choose a grip size smaller because you can alaways increacse your grip size through 'shrink sleeve'. Where as you can never decrease your grip size.

Circumference in mm:
100-102 mm
103-105 mm
106-108 mm
109-111 mm
112-114 mm
115-117 mm
Grip size in USA:
4 1/8
4 2/8 or 4 1/4
4 3/8
4 4/8 or 4/12
4 5/8
Grip size in Europe: