Tennis Walls

Tennis walls are an ideal tool to train with or to warm up on before a match. Players of all skill levels and ages can benefit from this valuable tool. TennisPlanet offers numerous tennis walls, view our selection on the page below.

Tennis Walls

Perfect Match

TennisPlanet offers two different sizes of tennis walls that are mobile making them easy to move. A tennis wall is the perfect addition to your tennis training especially for children who love these walls and will allow them to practice for hours. Kids can strike tennis balls before training or a match, and then arrive warmed up. The two sizes allow for different skill levels to utilise the appropriate size for them. The 2x2 metre tennis wall is of course harder to hit at than the 2x3 metre wall. The smaller wall is ideal for advanced training.

Very Stable

If you know the classic fixed tennis walls, you are probably wondering how stable the mobile tennis wall is. We can reassure you that this wall is very stable and can handle fast groundstrokes and serves. The best thing about these walls is that the noise response from the ball is almost silent. A concrete wall creates a muffled noise that can be heard while the mobile tennis walls give off no noise. A tennis wall will enrich your love of tennis!