All Tecnifibre Products

The French brand Tecnifibre has been producing tennis equipment for the best league players since the early years. Thanks to the high-quality tennis strings in their rackets, Tecnifibre has become very well known. Later, Tecnifibre started developing more products, such as tennis bags, tennis clothes, and tennis balls. Tecnifibre is part of the Lacoste group and strives for innovation for both male and female tennis players. Discover all Tecnifibre products here at Tennisplanet.

Tecnifibre Tennis Rackets

The range of Tecnifibre tennis rackets is very diverse. Tecnifibre has developed a racket for virtually every type of player. The Tecnifibre T-Fight is very popular among players looking for power, for example, and the T-Rebound is especially designed for women. The T-Flash series has been developed for all kinds of different players and ideal for players who are looking for a combination of control and power. The above series of tennis rackets are of high quality and also available for young players too.

Tecnifibre Tennis Balls

Tecnifibre tennis balls are very high quality and very popular. For example, the X-One ball has been commended by the Rotterdam ATP tournament director. These balls also meet the ITF standards. In addition, the XLD tennis ball is also very popular and user friendly for every type of player. Each series of tennis balls has their own characteristics and specifications. In Tecnifibre’s range you will find gas filled and pressureless balls, and also competition and training balls.

Tecnifibre Tennis Clothing

Tecnifibre offers a large collection of tennis clothes. You will find beautiful shirts, trousers, skirts, jackets, and much more in the Tecnifibre range. The tennis clothing from Tecnifibre is often used as team clothing, for men and women as well as children, and is also available in different colours. The clothes are of excellent quality and have beautiful designs, which makes the clothes last longer and ensures that you can comfortably brave the tennis court in style.

Tecnifibre Tennis Bags

The tennis bags from Tecnifibre are available in many different models. There are tennis bags for a different number of rackets, whether 5, 6, 9, 12, or 15, but there are also backpacks for 1 or 2 rackets and some tennis clothes or shoes. The colours of the ATP Endurance range perfectly matches the brand’s main racket lines. Tecnifibre also offers bags specifically for women. With the extensive range of Tecnifibre bags in our collection, there is something for everyone.

Tecnifibre Tennis Strings

Whether you’re practising the perfect shot at training or playing a match, good strings are a must when playing tennis. Each tennis player has a different stroke, for which a different type of string fits. Tecnifibre has a wide range of tennis strings for all different types of players. For players with a great spin there is the Black Code series, for powerful players who strive for control there is the Razor Code, and for the perfect balance of power and comfort there are the X-One and TGV ranges.