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To protect your tennis racket, it is advised to have an overgrip to protect it from outside influences. You wrap the overgrip around the replacement grip of the racket and you can remove it or replace it at any time. An additional advantage of an overgrip is that it may improve the grip as well as provide good absorption. If you aren't quite sure about how to use an overgrip, we do offer advice about changing a racket grip.

Tennis Overgrips

The right tennis overgrip is very important. A tennis racket always has a main grip or basic grip, which is located on the handle. This grip is extremely important since it dampens vibration and can reduce injuries that are common among tennis players. There are various types including Synthetic Grips, which are cheaper, but do not give the same feedback as a basic leather tennis grips would.

Here at Tennisplanet you will find Babolat over grips, HEAD over grips, Yonex over grips, Tyger over grips, and Wilson over grips.