Tennis Bags

TennisPlanet offers a variety of tennis bags made by various brands including Wilson tennis bags, Babolat tennis bags, and HEAD tennis bags. When looking for a bag, remember to consider the additional space you may need for apparel, shoes, and accessories.

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1 - 80 from 119

Tennis Bags

A tennis bag is a special bag for your tennis gear. Ideal to use when you play in tournaments or competitions, or just for going to training. How to choose a tennis bag from the wide range? The following guidelines can help you:

Number of rackets

If you only need to bring 1 racket, a tennis backpack is a good option.

If you want to bring multiple rackets, a larger tennis bag is the right choice. Our tennis bags are available in different sizes: 3 rackets, 6 rackets, 9 rackets or 12 rackets.

We know what you're thinking: who needs a bag for 6, 9 or 12 rackets?! Keep in mind that a tennis bag not only serves to store rackets. Usually, place for 3 rackets means 1 separate compartment. So a 6 racket bag has 2 separate compartments for your clothes and tennis rackets, a tennis racket for 9 rackets has 3 separate compartment, and a 12-racket bag has 4.

Thermal layer

There are also tennis bags with one main compartment with a so-called thermal layer. This ensures that rackets' tension stays longer for tension.

Shoulder Straps

There are bags with single and double shoulder straps. A single shoulder strap is more common with a 3 or 6 racket bag, the double shoulder strap for a 9 or 12 racket bag. The advantage of a double shoulder strap is that you can also carry the bag on your back, handy for example if you need to cycle with your bag.

Brand of racket

Because the length of rackets for adults is always around 69 cm, all rackets fit in our tennis bags, regardless of the brand. So a racket from brand X also fits in a tennis bag from brand Y. However, most tennis players like the brand of their tennis bag to match the brand of the racket they play with.