Tennis Bags

TennisPlanet offers a variety of tennis bags made by various brands including Yonex, Babolat, and Head. When looking for a bag, remember to consider the additional space you may need for apparel, shoes, and accessories.

1 - 80 from 100


1 - 80 from 100

Tennis Bags for Every Player

A tennis bag is the perfect protective case for your tennis racket and other tennis equipment. It does not matter whether you wish to carry four or even ten tennis rackets because for every tennis player there is the perfect tennis bag. Tennis bags provide excellent protection for your racket and tennis accessories. This protection is needed to avoid environmental and weather damage, particularly because tennis rackets are very sensitive to the elements. The tennis string is also protected therefore buying the right tennis bag is important.

Types of Tennis Bags

Tennis bags are available in various sizes and designs. Below is a description of the different tennis bags, their properties and the suitability of the tennis bag for different types of players.

12 Racket Tennis Bags

These bags may be divided into two or three main compartments with space for up to 12 tennis rackets and other tennis accessories. Additional compartments and additional pockets for tennis accessories are incorporated in these tennis bags. The main compartment in these tennis bags are usually insulated by a thermal sleeve to protect the tennis racket. These bags are suitable for intense tournament tennis players and coaches.

9 Racket Tennis Bags

These tennis bags have storage space for up to 9 tennis racket in one to two main compartments, and often come with protective thermal insulation. Furthermore, they have two additional pockets incorporated to carry extra tennis equipment. Also an extra pocket for tennis shoes is often included. This type of tennis bag is recommended for tournament and match players as well as tennis coaches.

6 Racket Tennis Bags

As mentioned in the title, this bag can carry upt to six rackets as well as additional tennis accessories. These bags have one or two main compartments for tennis clothing and tennis accessories of which is usually thermo-insulated. These tennis bags are recommended for competition or club tennis players.

3 Racket Tennis Bags

In addition to carrying 3 tennis rackets, these bags also offer room for accessories or personal belongings. The main compartment of the tennis bag is suitable for tennis rackets and tennis clothing. There are also pockets and a compartment for tennis accessories.