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A Great Investment

A ball machine can be a very good investment, especially for a tennis school. This product will allow you to give more attention to your students by focusing on their technique. It is also an excellent experience to train with a ball cannon.
Look at all the options of the various Lobster machines, that include features like adding a topspin or backspin.

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Tennis Ball Recommendation

When using a ball machine, we recommend pressure-less tennis balls. Why? A pressure-less tennis ball lasts longer, and the composition of these tennis balls are more resistant to the strong force of the canon when shooting the balls. 



Lobster is one of the leading brands in tennis equipment, and particularly when it comes to tennis ball machines. Lobster has produced a great line of machines called the Lobster Elite collection. With a maximum load capacity of 150 balls at once, you can practise your returns at speeds from 20 to 80 mph! With different modes and line settings, these tennis ball machines are guaranteed to help you up your game.

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Universal Sport

Universal Sport is a market leader in terms of sports equipment and accessories, and their tennis collection is no exception. Within their range, they have brought out a great range of tennis ball machines, including the Playmate, Tennis Tutor, and Tennis Twist series. These are slightly larger than the Lobster models, holding upwards of 200 balls at once, and can fire the balls at a maximum speed of around 85 mph. With the different models available, you're sure to find the perfect machine to suit your needs.

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