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Luxilon Tennis Strings

Since 2006, Wilson has produced mono-filament strings and been the official distributor of Luxilon. Luxilon has become a leader over the years and also been the choice of countless professional tennis players. Luxilon strings are the most used strings on both the ATP and WTA tour. The fact is that there are so many professional tennis players with Luxilon strings says it all.

Luxilon Strings

Wilson Racket Sports is a leader in the tennis industry and took over Luxilon in 2006 to reposition themselves in the market of tennis strings. Many professional players have tennis rackets with Luxilon tennis strings because they are among the world's best. Why should beginners or social players have to settle for less than the pros? Luxilon tennis strings are guaranteed as the best in the world and have an excellent reputation. Just look at the selection in our shop and pick out the best tennis string for you.