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Tennis strings

In this section you will find all of the tennis racket strings that we have available. In our assortment you will find a huge array of tennis strings that are ideally suited for different types of player, different thicknesses, and different materials. That way, you you guaranteed to find the perfect string for your needs in this selection. If you're not entirely sure which type of tennis string you need, be sure to have a look at our information tab and view our handy advice pages.

Tennis Strings

Having the right tennis string can really make a difference to your performance and help you bring out the best of your skills. That's why here here at Tennisplanet have included such as wide range of tennis strings in our assortment in a wide variety of thicknesses, materials, and qualities; so that there's the perfect string for every type of player.

Babolat Strings

One of our most popular ranges of tennis strings come from Babolat. These tennis strings are incredibly high quality and will really help bring out the best in your performance on court. In this collection you will find some favourite models, such as the Babolat RPM Blast or the Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour.

Yonex Strings

Yonex is a brand that is well known for their high quality tennis products and their collection of tennis strings is no exception. With the popular Yonex Polytour series, Yonex have created a range of tennis strings that will serve you well on court. View our Yonex tennis string collection here.

Tecnifibre Strings

Another very popular tennis string brand is Tecnifibre. Tecnifibre offers an impressive range of tennis strings that offer different qualities; in this range you will find tennis strings that will help advance control, power, and comfort. This is due to the different choice of materials for each string, including polyamide, polyester, or even synthetic gut.

All this and more from Tennisplanet. View our full tennis string assortment:

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