Tennis strings

TennisPlanet provides tennis strings of the very best quality. Our range of strings are for any type of racket, budget, level and style of play. Are you not sure how to choose a string? Then please visit our Advice Page for more information.

1 - 80 from 304


1 - 80 from 304

Tennis Strings

People talk about tennis rackets and tennis balls but the importance of using the correct tennis string cannot be underestimated. After all, the string is in direct contact with the tennis ball during the game. In our web shop, you will find excellent tennis strings with many different characteristics produced from various materials. Here you can choose the best tennis string from all the top brands and easily order for direct delivery to your home.

Types of tennis strings

There are several types of tennis strings that differ in terms of materials they are made from and their properties. One can divide tennis strings into the following two categories - natural gut tennis strings and plastic tennis strings. Natural gut tennis strings are the original strings used. Natural gut tennis strings have the best play-ability and generate a lot of power. In addition, these strings are very elastic, which prevents tennis elbow and keeps vibrations at a stable level. The big disadvantages is the short lifespan, sensitivity to weather and the high price. This makes natural gut strings uneconomical for non-professional tennis players hence plastic strings were developed to expand the range of tennis strings on the market. For more information, you can check our information page, types of tennis strings.

A player's ideal tennis string

Plastic-based strings are usually made of polyester, nylon, and in some cases, titanium or Kevlar. Nylon tennis strings are most commonly used and they are generally made of a nylon belt with different layers. The more layers, the higher the quality because they compensate for the loss of elasticity of the nylon core of the string. There are nylon tennis strings produced in different processors, such as multi-filament tennis strings, multi-coated and textured multi-filament tennis strings.

Polyester tennis strings, in contrast to nylon tennis strings last longer, but give less power and less ball control. Polyester tennis strings consist of a single polyester core. They are known to quickly lose their flexibility but they allow tennis players to be able able to hit balls harder and with more control. The newest generation of polyester string is the soft polyester tennis strings, which is very improved in quality. Soft polyester tennis strings are generally recommended to tennis players, as these strings have highly durable properties. Our collection of tennis strings offers a superb range to choose from. We advise you to invest a lot of thought when choosing your tennis strings.

Well strung tennis strings

Tennis strings must be strung properly to maximise performance. Those who have their own stringing machine have a clear advantage as they can directly influence the process. The level of the tennis string tension should be carefully adjusted to achieve the desired playing characteristics. The higher the tension of the strings in the tennis racket, the less power you may have but you will have more control. Reduced tension gives more power but reduced control. More information can be found on our page "The Right String Tension"

All tennis strings at a glance

Our entire assortment is available in our tennis strings section. Here, you will find tennis strings from top brands like Babolat, HEAD, Tecnifibre, and Wilson. TYGER brand tennis strings are of excellent quality and give a superb price-performance ratio. We are pleased to offer you a great range of tennis strings.