Tennis Balls

At TennisPlanet, we offer tennis balls that are suitable for players, trainers and kids. They are available as pressurised, pressure-less or stage balls. TennisPlanet offers all the major brands such as Dunlop, Wilson, Babolat,and many more. If you're not quite sure which tennis balls you're after, then have a look at our advice page to find the best tennis balls for you.

1 - 80 from 156


1 - 80 from 156

Tennis Balls

Pressure-less Tennis Balls

Pressure-less tennis balls, as the name says, are not pressurised. The tennis ball is formed by a core of rubber. These tennis balls are often used for tennis training because they last longer than pressurised tennis balls.

Pressurised Tennis Balls

Pressurised tennis balls have been filled with gas. However, this gas slowly expels, so they last a little less time than their pressureless counterparts. Pressurised balls are most used in tournaments, competitions and other tennis events. These competition balls have a better feel when hitting the ball, and are often the required balls at tennis tournaments.

Stage 1-2-3 Tennis Balls

The Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3 variants are softer tennis balls, ideal for children. They are often used by novice tennis players, to get used to the feel of the ball and to develop strength. This is usually done on a small court. These tennis balls are often recognisable by the colored dot in green, orange, or red, respectively.

Balls for Clubs

For all tennis clubs, the above tennis balls are also offered in larger quantities. To view our boxes, bags, and buckets of balls you can click here. Here you can choose from several portions. Feel free to contact us via our customer service email or phone number so that we can help you.


All official match balls must comply with the regulations of the ITF, the International Tennis Federation. This ensures that the weight, colour, diameter, and bounce height meet their quality specifications. Within this regulation, there is a fairly large margin, so that there are high quality differences between balls. Most of the tennis balls from our range have been approved by ITF.

All Types

In our assortment you will find all the top brands : Babolat, Dunlop, Head, Tyger, Tecnifibre, and Wilson.