Tennis Balls

At TennisPlanet, we offer tennis balls that are suitable for players, trainers and kids. They are availble as pressurized, pressureless or stage balls. TennisPlanet offers all the major brands such as Dunlop, Wilson, Babolat,and many more.

1 - 80 from 156


1 - 80 from 156

Tennis balls

The tennis balls offered by TennisPlanet are applicable for every game and training situation. They come in different brands and with various features for all possible game situations. For tennis training we suggest using a pressureless ball as it has more durability. For a match, we recommend the pressurised variety, as they are commonly used in competitive games and tournaments. There are types of tennis balls that are specifically designed for children and have been developed to be suitable for the IFT's Play & Stay concept. At TennisPlanet you wil find the suitable type of tennis ball for all games and training situations. Our variety that is offered falls under different price brackets.

Rules and regulations

There are regulations for size and weight that must be followed, as outlined by the ITF. The diameter of a tennis ball should be 6.54 cm with a maximum of 6.86 cm. A ball must not be lighter than 56.0 grams and not be heavier than 59.4 grams. The colour should be white or yellow. There are exceptions with the Stage tennis balls, but that will be explained later.

Pressureless for training

For tennis training sessions we recommend the durable pressureless type of tennis ball. These are suitable for beginners and recreational players which are available in numerous brands. The brand TYGER for instance can be purchased at an optimal price-performance ratio.

Pressurised for competition

Pressurised tennis balls are regularly used in competitions and at tournaments. For these types of balls, there are also limits set by the ITF. The pressure inside the gas filled balls must be greater than the external pressure and are supplied in cans with fixed internal pressure. Pressurised tennis balls are highly focused on playing comfort. In professional games, balls are replaced every 9 games with new ones. We recommend pressurised balls for performance oriented players and tournament players.

All types

In our assortment you will find all the top brands : Babolat, Dunlop, Head, Tyger, Tecnifibre, and Wilson.