Babolat Tennis Clothing

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Babolat Clothes

Babolat is a 130 years old French company. With their wide range of tennis players, Babolat is a trademark of Champions and is characterised by high quality and innovative technologies. Despite their innovative advantages, Babolat still offers an affordable range of tennis equipment and clothing for every tennis player.

With technologies like Eco Care, Fibre Dry and 360° Motion, Babolat makes products that are environmentally friendly and provide maximum comfort. Eco Care can be defined as "recycled polyester fibre" and when used with Fibre Dry technology you can be assured that you will excel on the court. When used in the most stressed areas the Fibre Dry microfibres provide breathability and extra comfort in your Babolat tennis clothing. The 360° Motion is a special material that does not limit the complex movements used in racket sports. There are no seams under the arms or between the legs meaning there are no restrictions to movement.

The discreet design makes Babolat tennis apparel both stylish and suitable for tennis matches. Additionally, they make comfy team and training wear. If you want to equip your team for next season, please send us an email to and we will be happy to assist you.