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New Balance

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New Balance is a well known brand for their innovative and durable tennis footear and apparel. TennisPlanet offers a variety of these products that are suitable for both men and women including shirts, shorts, skirts and accessories. View our assortment of New Balance merchandise on the page below.

New Balance UK

The world famous New Balance was originally only a sports brand, but today they have entered and excelled in the field of fashion. Their key focus continues to be producing high quality products in order to get the best performance out of each and every one of them. The tennis products from New Balance have a perfect combination of quality, functionality and style.

New Balance Tennis Shoes

New Balance is known all over the world for their fantastic range of trainers. They have also brought a brilliant collection of tennis shoes onto market, which you can find here at TennisPlanet! These tennis trainers are made with advanced technologies to ensure that they help you reach your optimum performance on the tennis court, but also that they are very comfortable. Because these shoes are available in a range of colours and designs, you're sure to find the perfect pair of tennis shoes for you!

New Balance Tennis Clothing

As well as their tennis shoes, New Balance also has a line of clothing that is specifically designed for tennis. Whether you're looking for a polo shirt, tennis dress, skirt or shirt, you are sure to find a great selection from this brand. Designed with comfort, style, and functionality in mind, you won't be disappointed with a purchase from New Balance!