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How to determine the length?

The table below shows the relation between height and age of the young tennis player and the recommended length of the junior tennis racket.


4 - 5 years5 - 6 years6 - 7 years7 - 9 years9 - 12 years12 - 13 years> 14 years


2 ft. 11 - 3 ft. 33 ft. 3 - 3 ft. 63 ft. 6 - 3 ft. 113 ft. 11 - 4 ft. 34 ft. 3 - 4 ft. 74 ft. 7 - 4 ft. 11> 4 ft. 11

Length racket:

46 cm49 cm53 cm58 cm63 cm66 cm68 cm

Recommended racket:

18 inch19 inch21 inch23 inch25 inch26 inch27 inch

Determining the length
One of the most important features of a child's tennis racket is the correct length. The ideal junior tennis racket is directly related to the height of the child.

Here is how to determine the correct length for a child's tennis racket. :
1. Choose a junior tennis racket
2. Let the young player stand up straight, holding the tennis racket in his/her straight arm with the tennis racket head pointing down.
3. Let him swing the junior tennis racket back and forth, in a relaxed manner.
4. The junior tennis racket is the correct length for that player if it comes over the ankle, but does not touch the ground.

The weight, balance point, grip size, head size and profile height are especially adapted for young tennis players.

Junior rackets: