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Lacoste products are characterised by high durability and a classic design. Products from this brand are made with modern materials in order to maximise your fun on the court. Lacoste is most popularly known for their sports polos. View our assortment of Lacoste polo shirts and other products on the page below.

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1 - 80 from 95

Lacoste Clothing

Lacoste is a name that is already almost a century old. In 1921 the Frenchman Rene Lacoste began his legendary tennis career; a career which is characterised not only by big wins, but also by the wildly successful sportswear business he created afterwards; Lacoste. View our full collection of Lacoste sportswear and clothing right here at Tennisplanet.

Lacoste Polo

Lacoste is perhaps most famous for their polo shirt designs. The Lacoste polo shirts in our collection are available in virtually every colour and are made from soft, breathable fabrics. That means that they are perfect for playing tennis in, as well as for smart-casual wear. View our Lacoste polo shirt collection and find the perfect option for you.

Lacoste Tracksuit

Having a great tracksuit can be a real asset to your tennis wardrobe. Lacoste tracksuits are made from lightweight yet warm materials, which means that are perfect for warming up in, cooling town in, or even training in in cooler temperatures. Click the link above to see our mens Lacoste tracksuit collection.

Lacoste Jumper

If you want an extra layer while warming up or cooling down, then a Lacoste jumper could be just what you're after. Lacoste has created a great range of jumpers, sweatshirts, and hoodies for before and after your training sessions and matches. Made from soft materials, a Lacoste sweatshirt will make the perfect pre-match warm up or post-match cool down companion.