Lifespan of a Tennis String

Changing your tennis string

How often should I change my tennis string?
A lot of players think they only need to change a string when it breaks.They are often even proud they succeed in playing with the same fibres for a year or longer! When the string is too loose, it will result in less control and the player will then change their game or stroke!

The best indicator to see whether or not you should replace a cordage (except for when it breaks of course) is the amount of tension that is still on the frame. You can estimate this more or less. The tension of a tennis racket can be measured with an ERT-300 or a Stringmeter. With these instruments, you can measure the tension of a racket, which allows you to determine whether or not the tennis strings should be replaced.

"Has your stringing lost more than 30% of its tension? Then restring.", the advice of David Bone, CEO of US Racquet Stringers Association USRSA.

Use the correct tennis strings

Biggest challenge
One of the biggest challenges for a stringer is dealing with a customer's breaking of strings in a correct manner. If a player indicates his strings break too quickly, you can suggest the following options:

- Advise a thicker version of the same type (If applicable)
- Advise using string savers; string savers lengthen the lifespan
- Advise using a nylon variant
- Advise using a polyester tennis string

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