Stage 2 Tennis

Stage 2 tennis balls and tennis court

Characteristics of the Tennis Ball
The Stage 2 tennis ball is specifically designed for tennis coaches to give lessons to children who fall in this level. Stage 2 can also be called the 'orange' stage. The Stage 2 training ball has the traditional features of a pressure-less tennis, but it has a lower pressure ratio in the core which makes this type of ball bounce slower and lower. This ensures that these young tennis players have more time to return the tennis ball correctly. The Stage 2 / orange tennis ball is the perfect training product for children and novice tennis players. Most Stage 2 tennis balls are packaged in a basket of 36 pieces. The colour of the balls in this stage are yellow and/or orange.

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Features of the Tennis Court
Stage 2 tennis is played on a smaller tennis court. For this purpose you will  also require different tennis lines, namely a line set that fits the dimensions of 2 x 8.23m + 2 x  18m. The lines are delivered in a bag  so they can be stored and will last for a long period of time.

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Stage 2 tennis racket

Characteristics of the Tennis Racket
Junior Stage 2 tennis rackets already have a longer grip than a Stage 3 racket which makes it very suitable for learning the double backhand. This stage of tennis rackets are made of aluminium and they are advised for children from approximately 7 to 9 years old.

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Some examples:

  • Babolat Nadal Jr 23
  • Tecnifibre Junior Bullit 23
  • HEAD Novak 21
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