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TennisPlanet offers stringing machines with a 5 year warranty and free immediate delivery. This high quality tennis equipment is offered at the best prices! View our selection of stringing machines on the page below.

Tennis stringing machines: save time and make money

Racket tensioners are one of the most important tools for any serious tennis player. Even if you don't own a stringing machine, you will need to know someone who does. Most players will get their tennis rackets restrung by a professional, usually in a shop or at a tennis club. This is not an ideal scenario as it means you have to find and pay someone to perform the racket restringing, a task that is relatively simple to do. Putting additional money into your rackets can become expensive therefore you can save these expenses in the long term by purchasing a stringing machine.


When you buy a stringing device, you no longer have to pay money every time you want your racket restrung. By making a single payment you can purchase this machine and you will never have to pay for additional fees again. If you are a regular tennis player, then this equipment will soon pay for itself with the money you save. If you are a (semi-) professional or club player, you are spending a great deal of money every time you need to get a racket restrung. If you play often, then stringing is an activity that you will need to perform on a regular basis. With your own equipment, you're able to string your rackets any time YOU want. You can make an additional income by stringing for frends and other club members.


Tennis stringing equipment offer a variety of features. offers a whole line of stringing machines that range from the very basic to very high tech. From entry level to professional equipment, we have the right stringing machine for you. If you want to string tennis, badminton or squash rackets, you are in the right online tennis shop. In our web shop you will find drop weight, manual and electronic devices, including tabletop and stand mounted. All devices are delivered with excellent clamps, suitable for tennis and badminton rackets. They are made from quality materials in order to provide a secure and excellent grip on the string.

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Due to the ease of adjusting these devices, our stringing machines can manage any type of tennis or badminton racket. If you only need to string one type of racket, then the eco range is the right option. Electronic devices offer more comfort and reduce stringing time by at least 20%! All of our stringing machines are delivered without any shipping costs. offers its customers a 5 year warranty on the mechanical parts and 2 years on clamps and the electronic parts, like the motor and software. Check out the individual stringing devices for additional offers. The most important brands of tennis strings, like Babolat, Wilson and Tecnifibre are available in our online store, as well as all kinds of stringing tools (tension measuring tools, poly bags, grommet removers, stencils for logos, tubings, protection tape, logo markers ect).

So what are you waiting for? Purchase your stringing machine on today!