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Originally started as a company that only sold tennis strings, TYGER has expanded their product line immensely over the years. This company now offers every product you will need to be succesful on the tennis court. TennisPlanet carries a wide range of TYGER merchandise that can be found on the page below. If you have any questions please contact our Customer Service.
Trash Bin Tyger

Trash Bin Tyger

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£ 130.95

The History of TYGER

More than 25 years ago Patrick Lepere, a home stringer, started his own brand of strings named TYGER. When his business selling strings grew he realised there was an opportunity: selling quality stringing machines in what was a growing market. He vowed to create a range of stringing machines that would supply the needs of all stringers from beginner to professional and tournament stringers throughout Europe. His dream was to create machines that were reliable, affordable, long lasting and a pleasure to use. Twenty five years, TYGER is the brand of strings and stringing machine with no equal.

A Diverse and Quality Brand

  • TYGER sells more stringing machines than any other company in Europe. They are so confident in their stringing machines that they offer a 2 year warranty on all the machines. This brand's full range of machines are available in manual to top of the range electronic. This brand also offers a range of tennis strings that is well known across Europe.

Did you know?

  • • The name TYGER comes from the favorite animal of the founder.
  • • Many European pro players have learned to string their own rackets on a TYGER stringing machine.
  • • The unrivalled success of the strings and stringing machines led to the development of a powerful range of other products.

Recent TYGER Milestones

  • In 2011, TYGER celebrated their 25th anniversary. In the same year, they also started cooperations with other dealers/retailers besides www.tennisplanet.co.uk. One year later in 2012, TYGER started their own website to expand their reach to consumers. They continued to alter the company when they updated their slogan from "The Winning Force" to "TYGER - you win!". Finally, the brand created new product packaging and continued to develop their website.