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Tennis Ball Baskets

Ball baskets are a necessity for any tennis coach or trainer. They make training convenient and more efficient as they can hold a large number of tennis balls. View our collection of ball baskets on the page below.

Ball Baskets & Trolleys: A Must Have For Any Coach!

Tennis Ball Baskets

Tennis coaches use thousands of balls. In our assortment you will find a wide selection of tennis ball baskets and hoppers for every tennis training situation. Tennis coaches do not want to have to bend down to grab the balls, as back pain can be the result.

Tennis Ball Trolleys

Tennis ball trolleys are the premium solution for every tennis coach. In contrast to the tennis ball basket, you can easily roll the tennis ball trolley back and forth. There are various types of trolleys that includes various features. Height adjusting trolleys are perfect as they are suitable for any body size. Another feature in tennis ball trolleys is the larger carrying capacity. These characteristics and more are available from TennisPlanet at an affordable price.