Stringing Service

Our Stringing Service

Our stringing service in brief
At TennisPlanet, not all of the rackets we provide are strung. We give the option of strung and unstrung rackets. In both cases, however, it is possible to have your desired racket strung with our own unique stringing service.

Is your racket already strung?
If it is, you can choose to keep the existing string. It is also possible to remove it and replace it with a string of your choice.

Is your racket unstrung?
If your racket is unstrung you can choose to have it delivered this way. It is of course also possible to have your racket strung with one of our high end strings.

We have a number of high quality strings selected for you that you may desire to have your racket strung with. We have created a list of these strings below.

The advantages of our stringing service
- If you order a new tennis racket, we offer you the opportunity to stretch it to your desired tension.
- You can string both an unstrung racket or a racket that already has strings.
- Are you unsure about what tension you require? Check out our advice page for the correct tension of tennis strings.
- You can have your racket also stretched to an average tension. In that case we advise you to choose 25kg.
- Please be assured that your racket is strung with high quality stringing techniques.

If you want to utilise our tennis racket stringing, keep in mind it will be one to two extra days for delivery. This depends on the availability of our stringing service.

Our Selection of Strings

Babolat RPM Blast Black 1.25 mm

Comfort and Power
The Babolat RPM Blast Back 1.25 mm tennis string is suited for advanced players who love the combination of power and control. The string is made of high density polyester that creates a unique feeling of power and speed. These strings provide dampening of vibrations, which reduces the risk of injury.

HEAD Rip Control Naturel 1.30 mm

Control and Spin
The HEAD Rip Control Naturel 1.30 mm is a suitable tennis string for players who place great value on ball control. This tennis string uses a special RIP technology that ensures that the belt is virtually indestructible and this provides additional control. Also this string has good durability and dampening of vibrations, which helps to avoid tennis injuries.

Tecnifibre Bob Black Code 1.24 mm

Flexibility and Spin
The Tecnifibre Bob Black Code 1.24 mm is a versatile tennis string with a high flexibility. This is achieved by the 'Thermo Core' technology. The strings are made from 100% polyester flex, which makes for a softer feel. In addition, the strings are pentagonal shaped and this leads to a lot more spin in your battle.

Tyger Reflex 1.32 mm

Durable, comfort and power
The Tyger Reflex 1.32 mm is a nylon tennis string with high sensitivity. This string is best suited to players who play tennis regularly at the club level (3-4 times per month). The string guarantees exceptional game feeling for players who prefer a high level of comfort and power. If you are looking for a tennis string with a lot of feeling for the ball then this is the ideal string for you!

Wilson Sensation 16L Reel Natural 1.30 mm

Control and sustainabillity
The Wilson Sensation 16L Reel Natural 1.30 mm strings guarantees additional power and control to your tennis racket. The strings are made of polyester with a thin nylon coating. The strings absorb vibrations and at the same time are very durable. The strings are made of a highly elastic material and provides extra speed when striking the tennis ball.

Yonex Polytour Pro Yellow Coil 1.25 mm

All-round and sustainable
The Yonex Poly Tour Pro Yellow Coil 1.25 mm is a durable string that is particularly suited to advanced players. The string provides a good combination of wear resistance while maintaining excellent ball control. The string provides dampening of vibrations and this makes the string very comfortable to play with. An excellent all-round string for advanced players!