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Padel Bag

A padel bag is a special bag for all your padel gear. Ideal to use when playing tournaments or competition, or just for training. Here at Tennisplanet you can choose from different types of padel bags, such as padel backpacks, padel shoulder bags, and padel racket covers. These bags and covers offer protection to your belongings and in this way you can easily transport all your padel equipment to and from your games and training sessions.

Padel Bags

The padel bags that Tennisplanet offers you have different specifications. There are padel bags suitable for 1 racket, 3 rackets, and 6 rackets. These bags often have storage compartments suitable for all other padel gear, such as padel shoes, padel balls, and clothing. If the bag has a double shoulder strap, you can also use the bag as a backpack. Some padel bags also have a thermal compartment to protect your padel racket even more.