Type of Player

Types of Tennis Players

Beginner / Recreational

Having the perfect racket for when you start playing tennis can make a big difference. When you're starting out, you need to focus on learning the sport and gaining more basic skills. That's why it's important to choose a racket that won't hinder you efforts to pick up these skills and that is slightly easier to play with.

In our collection, you'll find lots of tennis rackets that are perfect for beginners looking to get into the sport, as well as for recreational players who play less frequently and are less interested in competitive matches. These rackets are more lightweight and have more flexible grips, which allows you to get a better feel of the ball and to develop your skills more quickly.

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Competition / Tournament

For those who have played tennis for a longer period of time and who have perfected their skill and technique fit into the competition and tour category. Players in this band will require more advanced tennis rackets. In general, these rackets are harder to play with, but when used correctly, can get the best results.

The tennis rackets in our collection for competitive players and tournament players are generally heavier and have a slightly smaller head size. That allows for more control over the ball while still allowing you to put a lot of power into each shot; the perfect combination for advanced players looking to best their tournament opponents.

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Types of Tennis Rackets


If you're more of a recreational tennis player, or looking to get into the sport, then tennis rackets that offer a bit more comfort are probably more suitable to your skill-set. These rackets generally have larger head sizes with the balance point lying further towards the head, making the 'sweetspot' of the racket larger, and are normally more lightweight.

Comfort rackets aren't ideal for all players though, as they to tend to offer a bit less power, but they are the ideal rackets for players who are just starting out or who don't play as frequently.


After playing tennis for a little while, you will be looking to hone your skills just as much as looking to develop more advanced skills. Perhaps the most important skill in tennis is control. That's why we have included a great selection of tennis rackets that will help you have more control over the ball so you can better aim your shots to make your opponent's job a lot harder!

Tennis rackets that help you to manipulate the ball better are much better suited to players that already have a bit of experience and have developed their basic skill set.


Once you've achieved some mastery of control, you will perhaps be looking for an even more advanced racket that will allow you to maintain control over the ball, while putting even more power into your shots. These tennis rackets are generally a bit heavier and the balance point lies nearer towards the handle, which means you'll be able to serve more powerful shots.

These rackets are somewhat trickier to play with and dampen fewer vibrations. That's why these rackets are perfect for competition or tournament players with a lot more experience.