Training Balls

On this page you will find an overview of the training tennis balls TennisPlanet offers. These balls are especially suitable for beginner tennis players. Due to the reduced compression of the balls, they have a slow and low bounce. This allows you to get accustomed to tennis in an easier way. An additional advantage of these balls is their long life span. View the range of tennis training balls on the page below.
TennisPlanet offers a large selection of training balls that can meet the needs of every level of player. Our larger ball quantities are ideal for the active player or for coaches. The type of balls on this page varies including pressurised, pressureless, and foam. All of these are ideal when learning how to play tennis. Find your perfect training ball from the top brands on the page above!

In addition to training balls, TennisPlanet offers various others products that can assist you in reaching your full potential on the court. These products include ball machines, ball baskets, marking tools, tennis walls, and much more!