Nike Tennis Shoes

Nike is a well known sports brand that offers a large product range specifically for tennis. TennisPlanet carries indoor and outdoor Nike tennis shoes at low prices. These shoes are available to order online today! Our assortment of Nike tennis shoes come in various colours, styles, and models. View our range of Nike Tennis Shoes on the page below.

Nike tennis Footwear

The correct Nike tennis trainers are essential to win a tennis match, so always try to pick the right tennis shoe for your needs. The range of tennis shoes on the market today is huge. There have been improvements in flexibility, looks, comfort, stability and other important properties of a tennis shoe that reduce the risk of injury.

Choosing Nike Shoes

Each tennis player has different needs from their sports shoes. The technology present in most Nike footwear varies according to the surface therefore try to choose the right shoe for the correct court surface. When choosing Nike footwear, players must take into account these 5 other important points:

  • Design & Colour

  • Technology

  • Budget

  • Durability

  • Surface

For example, the design will influence if an item has a more classic or modern in look. Colours of course reflect a players personality and whether wearing a traditional coloured tennis shoe or a bright colour such as yellow or green can only be decided by you. Nike's popular shoe lines include Vapor, Cage, Air and Lunar. A lot of well known tennis players like Rafael Nadal, Maria Sharapova and Roger Federer choose Nike tennis shoes. All Nike tennis gear is made with the latest technologies and materials, such as Nike Air, Shox and Zoom.

Price is a major factor when buying this brand and Nike shoes are always considered value for the price paid. When looking for this brand, players need to consider which surface they will be playing such as clay, hard court or omni court.