Yonex Tennis Rackets

TennisPlanet offers the latest collections of Yonex tennis rackets. The Yonex rackets are instantly recognisable by their unusual shape as they do not have the egg shape but rather a square head model. This gives you more power and control over a larger part of the racket. This head style results in a better performance of the racket. Not sure which racket suits you best? Don't hesitate to look at our Advice Page!

Which Yonex tennis racket is best for you?

Yonex tennis rackets come in many shapes and sizes. To find out which Yonex racket is best for you, there are certain aspects to look out for.

The Balance Point

The balance point of the tennis racket is perhaps the most crucial factor. The balance point of a tennis racket is the point where the tennis racket is in equilibrium. A tennis racket with an evenly distributed weight is the most common choice among tennis players. The top weight tennis racket by Yonex (where the balance point is more to the top of the racket) offers more power and is recommended for players with a long swing.

Frame Length

Your swing dictates how agile your tennis racket should be, to offer maximum support. That's why the length of the frame is very important.

Profile Height

The profile height means the thickness of the frame. In general, the thicker the frame, the lighter the tennis racket is. With a thicker frame, you get more control, and a lighter frame means significantly more power.


The weight of a Yonex tennis racket determines the control you have during a tennis stroke. A heavier Yonex tennis racket gives you more control over a lighter racket. A light Yonex tennis racket however is easier to play with and is great for beginners!

Head Size

The head size is also important as the larger the head size, the easier you will hit the ball. A Yonex tennis racket with a smaller head size provides more precision over the direction of your shots, so you can control the ball better.

The Most Popular Yonex Rackets

In comparison with the quality of Yonex tennis rackets, the price is very low. Top players like Stan Wawrinka, Ana Ivanovic, Caroline Wozniacki and Angelique Kerber know this better than anyone and can appreciate the frames of Yonex. These best known Yonex models are: VCore and Ezone, and specifically their popular Yonex Ezone DR 98 and Yonex Ezone DR 100 rackets.