Prince Tennis Rackets

TennisPlanet offers the latest collections from the brand Prince. Prince originally started producing only ball machines, but it has become a famous brand due to their tennis rackets. These Prince tennis rackets utilise the latest technologies and have a modern look. Are you not sure which racket suits you best? Do not hesitate to visit our Advice Page.

Which Prince tennis racket suits you?

Prince tennis rackets come in many shapes and sizes. To find out which Prince racket suits you, there are some aspects of interest.

Balance Point

The balance point of a tennis racket is perhaps the most crucial characteristic. The balance point can be defined as the point where the tennis racket is in equilibrium. A tennis racket with a weight that is normally distributed is the most common choice among tennis players. The Top Weight rackets from Prince (where the balance point is more to the top of the racket) offer more power and are recommended for players with a long swing.

Type of Swing

In addition to the balance point, the type of swing you have is important. Your swing determines how flexible your tennis racket should be and how mobile it is.

Profile Height

The profile height is an important component to consider when choosing a tennis racket. The profile height is the thickness of the frame. In general, the thicker the frame, the lighter the tennis frame. A thicker frame gives you more control because the racket is stiffer in general therefore a light racket provides significantly more power.


The weight of a racket also provides relevant information. For example, the weight of a Prince tennis racket determines how much control you have in your swing. A heavy Prince tennis racket gives you more control than a lighter racket. In contrast, a lighter Prince tennis racket is much easier to play tennis with.

Head Size

The head size of a tennis racket is a factor that will effect your game of tennis. The larger the sheet size, the easier you will hit the ball. A Prince tennis racket with a small head size provides precision in the direction of your shots therefgore you can better control the ball.