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TennisPlanet offers a variety of clothing brands with the newest collections. Our wide selection is available at great prices and can be quickly delivered to you today. We offer clothing from top brands including Head, Nike and much more!

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1 - 80 from 838

Tennis Appparel

Today's tennis clothing is designed specifically for this sport therefore it has the optimal properties for it. Firstly, it offers excellent freedom of movement at all times. One of the most important functions of tennis clothing is its breathability and wicking ability. This is achieved by using functional and durable hand-made fibres. In our online shop you will find men's, women's, and children's tennis clothing. All our products meet the demands needed for playing tennis. The manufacturers of tennis clothing bring new trends out for each quarter, especially during all four Grand Slam tournaments, This results in a very large selection each year. The excellent workmanship and quality materials used provides optimal ventilation and ideal temperature control. Modern tennis clothing protects the player and keeps them cool during matches.

Technological Advances in Tennis Clothing

With the technologies of EcoCare, FibreDry and 360° Motion, Babolat technologies are environmentally friendly and provide maximum comfort. The term EcoCare means "recycled polyester fibre", when used with FibreDry technology it ensures that the well being of the player is guaranteed. When used in the most stressed areas, bi-stretch mesh with FiberDry microfibres provides excellent breathability.

Selection of Tennis Clothing from adidas, Nike, & Babolat

The choice of tennis clothing available is huge. The clothing available for men includes tennis shorts, shirts, polos, trousers, jackets and many other items. For ladies, there are tennis skirts, dresses, shirts, polos , skorts and much more. Tennis clothing accessories need to have the same functional characteristics as the clothes. Clothing accessories are characterised as tennis socks, sweatbands, caps, headbands and bandanas. The most well known rule in tennis clothing, is probably that at Wimbledon, where the colour of tennis clothing must be 70% white. This tradition is maintained with strict control and penalties. This is unlike the other three Grand Slams, who allow tennis clothing of any colour. This is seen especially at the U.S. Open where the design of tennis clothing has no limits.

Tennis Clothing in Our Collection

In our large range of tennis clothing, you can always find the latest collections from all the tennis stars. We offer numerous brands such as adidas, Babolat, Nike, and many other brands. Whether it is women's, men's or children's tennis clothing, you will find the right product at an excellent price.