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When buying tennis clothes, it is important to ensure that the clothing is lightweight and offers a lot of freedom of movement. The clothes must ventilate, so that perspiration can be properly drained or absorbed. When you wear a tennis jacket due to bad weather outside, it is very important that it offers protection against the weather while not making you overheat. The tennis clothing from TennisPlanet meets these requirements and therefore offers optimal comfort during tennis, which is guaranteed to bring out the best of your performance!

Women's Tennis Clothing

During the 20th century, ladies wore dresses to the ankles and long sleeves while playing tennis. Fortunately, a lot has changed since then, and today's tennis clothes offer more freedom of movement and comfort. TennisPlanet offers nice dresses to play tennis in, but also skirts and shorts are available in a wide range. The clothing available on our site is made to ventilate while playing so that perspiration can be properly removed and the clothes do not irritate your skin. TennisPlanet clothing is of a very high quality and also has a trendy look.

Men's Tennis Clothing

In the initial stages of tennis, men played tennis in long trousers with a belt and a shirt with short sleeves. Nowadays it is no longer necessary to exercise in such uncomfortable clothing! TennisPlanet offers a wide range of comfortable tennis clothing that offers a lot of freedom of movement. The clothing breathes, does not rub, and feels nice on the skin. This will help to optimise your performance on the court! In the extensive TennisPlanet clothing collection, you will find popular brands and many different items with various trendy designs.

Boys' Tennis Clothing

TennisPlanet also offers a wide range of high-quality tennis clothing that is suitable for boys. The clothing is made to take a bit of a beating and will therefore last a long time, even with the most active training schedules! At TennisPlanet, you will find polo shirts, other tennis shirts, and shorts for your son. The clothing is available in both neutral and somewhat cooler colours, so that there is something for all boys here at TennisPlanet. The right tennis clothing offers sufficient freedom of movement and is made of breathable fabrics. Having the right clothing will bring out the winner in your boy!

Girls' Tennis Clothing

TennisPlanet's wide range of tennis clothes includes skirts and dresses for the girls, as well as shorts and trousers, so there's something for everyone in our range. The clothing is available in many different colours and with many different designs, so the range includes something for all playing styles. The tennis clothing from TennisPlanet is made to a high quality and is very comfortable, so your daughter can play tennis as actively as she wants without feeling restrained. In the extensive assortment of TennisPlanet, only high quality clothing is included so that your daughter will enjoy her new tennis wardrobe for a long time!

Clothing Accessories

The right accessories are not the first thing you will think about when you think about tennis, yet the right accessories are very important. For example, a cap or sun visor can ensure that the sun does not dazzle you when you are playing tennis with your face towards the sun. A headband ensures that perspiration does not run into your eyes and thus obstructs your vision, and with a wrist strap you can absorb perspiration without using your hands. The right accessories can also completely finish your outfit, but are also very important for optimising your game! For a wide range of tennis accessories, click on the above link.