Dunlop Tennis Balls

Dunlop tennis balls are made of excellent quality materials. Each type of player can use Dunlop tennis balls. The brand offers three types of balls: pressurised, non-pressurised and training balls. There is an ample of choice of tennis balls for every player!

Dunlop Tennis Balls

TennisPlanet offers a wide range of tennis balls. A wide range is necessary because there are so many different types of balls. The specifications for each tennis ball are quite different. There are stage 1,2,3 balls, depressurised and pressurised Dunlop balls. Dunlop is one of the top quality brands that TennisPlanet offers. Dunlop tennis balls have a very good name as they have already been used at Wimbledon games!

Non-Pressurised Balls

Dunlop non-pressurised tennis balls have, as the name implies, no pressure. The tennis ball is formed by the rubber core. The tennis balls are often used for tennis training because they last longer than pressurised (gas-filled) tennis balls.

Pressurised Balls

Dunlop pressurised tennis balls are balls with pressure inside the ball. The pressure is made possible by inserting gas into the rubber core. This gas, however, gradually wears out meaning these balls have a shorter life span than their non-pressurised counterpart. Pressurised balls are used most often in tournaments, tennis competitions and other events. These competition balls have a better feeling with a tennis stroke and are often required for tournaments.

Stage 1, 2, & 3 Tennis Balls

The Stage versions are softer tennis balls, which are ideal for children. They are often used by novice tennis players, as they offer good ball control and help to develop strength. The tennis balls are often identified by the coloured ball, respectively green, orange or red.

Competition Balls for Clubs

For all tennis clubs, the above tennis balls can be ordered in a large batch. You have the choice of various quantities. Please feel free to contact us so we can help you with your order.