Stage 1 Tennis Balls and Tennis Rackets

Stage 1 Tennis Balls

The stage 1 ball is 25% slower and lower bouncing than the yellow ball, helping players to continue to develop good technique and to implement advanced tactics. Matches are slightly longer and both 'team' and individual' events are played. The specifically developed Tyger stage 1 mid-speed yellow/green ball has all the elements of a traditional trainers ball with the exception that this ball has a lower interior pressure. This slows down the ball during the bounce and provides the player with more time to prepare their swing. These characteristics makes this ball the ideal trainers ball for children.

Colour: yellow/green
36 balls bucket

Stage 1 Tennis Rackets

Playing tennis is fun, but for a kid with a racket that is too large or too heavy its no fun. The brand TYGER has a complete range of light weight aluminium rackets with a slim grip for children of the age range 9-12 years old.

Tyger Junior 25 inch, article number TRT109

A few of our stage 1 products: