Basic Grips

A basic grip is the basis of a tennis racket. The correct grip base provides cushioning, grip and moisture absorption, which of course is conducive to playing comfort. It is important to replace you basic grip regularly so you always have the ability to play a good match. Are you unsure how to choose the correct grip size? Visit our Advice Page.
On the tennis market there are two types of grips: the basic grip and the overgrip. Another name for basic grip is a replacement grip or standard grip. It is the grip that is placed on the "naked basic framework" of the handle of a tennis racket. It serves to counteract the vibrations, which arise at the moment that the racket contacts the ball. A good basic grip is very important for your tennis game. The cushioning, grip and sweat absorption that the grip provides will add to your game. In addition, it is important that a base grip is replaced regularly. TennisPlanet offers several basic grips in every price range. Tip: Replace the grip as many times per year as the amount of hours of tennis that you play per week. There are also differences in the tennis basic grips in terms of thickness, roughness, slip resistance and moisture absorption. Most brands offer grips in addition to their line of tennis rackets. They all offer great comfort and air circulation, while the material ensures a perfect contact with the racket. Usually the grips are approximately 2 to 3 mm thick and weigh about 25 grams. The most common colours on the tennis court are black and white. After playing more and more, tennis players discover the importance of a good grip. Take a look at our wonderful selection of basic grips!