Ball Machine Investment

A ball cannon can be a very good investment, especially for a tennis school. This product will allow you to give more attention to your students by focussing on their technique. It is also an excellent experience to train with a ball cannon.
Look at all the options of the various Lobster machines, that include features like adding a topspin or backspin.

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Tennis Ball Recommendation

When using a ball machine we recommend pressureless tennis balls. Why? A pressureless tennis ball lasts longer and the composition of these tennis balls are more resistant to the rather heavy burden from the cannon to shoot the balls. 


Lobster Phenom Two

This is the top model from the brand Lobster and can be controlled by a remote control as well as via iPhone or Android.

Lobster Elite 3

This is the best seller of the Lobster series.

Lobster Elite 1

This is the Lobster starter model with a perfect price to performance ratio.

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